Transfer Your WebAdMIT Settings for the 2017-2018 Cycle

You can now can transfer your WebAdMIT settings from your previous 2016-2017 cycle setup to the 2017-2018 cycle. The application is on target to open later this evening. In order to transfer settings, log into WebAdMIT at and select “NursingCAS (2017 – 2018)” from the upper right-hand dropdown menu, which appears underneath your name.

choosing a cycle

On your dashboard, the “Transfer Settings from Previous Setup” panel will appear in the center column, this will allow you to initiate your transfer.

transferring your settings

Before Initiating a Transfer, Please Review these Important Instructions:

  1. Designate ONE person to initiate the transfer. That individual will become the owner of everything that carries over. If the incorrect individual transfers these settings, this cannot be undone.
    • Settings for the entire organization can only be transferred one time by one individual.
    • Clicking “dismiss” on the transfer setting box will remove the option to transfer the settings for the entire organization for the duration of the application cycle. This cannot be undone.
  1. Set every carry-over item (listed below) to be visible by “Everyone”. Any item set to a different view setting will not be carried over unless it was originally created by the individual performing the transfer setting.
    • Items which carry over include: lists, exports, custom fields, local statuses, local GPAs, pre-requisite GPAs, requirements, scoring, assignments, interviews, and email templates.
    • Items that do not carry over include: admissions users, work groups, and reports.
  1. Do NOT set-up anything in WebAdMIT 2017 – 2018 prior transfer settings unless you are choosing to start from scratch. If you choose to transfer settings, it will overwrite any set-up on the 2017 – 2018 cycle.
    • Refrain from setting up work groups or other items prior to the settings transfer.
    • If you need help creating work groups or adding users, please view the help guide and/or video. You can also reach out to WebAdMIT support.
  1. Navigate to Program Assignments and click on the programs you need to view. You will not see any applicant information until you complete the program assignments. Program assignments for workgroups and users should be updated too.
    • Applicant information will show in WebAdMIT beginning at Noon on August 23.
    • If you do not see applicants populating, it is likely because you did not update your program assignments or you do not have live programs yet. View instructions on how to update program assignments.

Your program(s) will synch over to WebAdMIT the night before they open to the applicants. When your programs go live you must log into WebAdMIT, click on “Account” on the top right hand corner then “Edit my account” and scroll down to the “Program Assignments” to check off the programs that you need access to, if you are having trouble navigating to this area please view these instructions.

choose your program assignments

You will need to do this after each program opens in order to see the applicant information. IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THIS STEP YOU WILL NOT SEE ANY APPLICANTS. Each member of your staff will need to do this as well after the program has opened. If there are no programs to select, that is because you have no yet completed your program configurations.

Reminder: If there are programs listed in your Configuration Portal that you are NOT going to open in the 17-18 cycle, please log in and delete them. This will make it a cleaner transition when we roll your programs over next cycle.

Next Steps:

  1. Create your workgroups. Work groups now carry over from cycle to cycle! However, for schools that did not create work groups in the 2016-2017 cycle please be sure to do so. Work groups allow you to give specific permissions to your staff and faculty members to ensure they are only viewing the applicant information you want them to see. DO NOT put additional staff and faculty members into the work group of WebAdMIT Administrator. This group is for the people who are designated as Primary Users ONLY.
  2. Create 2017-2018 accounts for your staff and faculty. Now that you have created your work groups you can create accounts for people who will need access to the 2017-2018 cycle. As a Primary User and Institution Manager you will be responsible for creating these accounts as you know best who will need access. When creating the accounts, do NOT check the box that says Primary User or Institution Manager.

Please review the instructions on how to create your work groups and user accounts.

  1. Create a Test Account on NursingCAS. You can check your school’s listing on the application by following these instructions. Once you log into the application, on the Add Programs page, use the search filter to find your programs and click on the blue “+” sign button to add each of them to your account. View instructions. Finally, to check your transcript and transcript entry requirements, navigate to the “Academic History” section. Please make sure you are going to the correct Website, You should also check that this link is accurate on your school’s Website. The general NursingCAS Website for applicants is

Most importantly, if you need to make ANY changes to an open program or have questions regarding configuration notify Ann Donnelly ( or 617-612-2064) as soon as possible.

And if you have questions regarding WebAdMIT, contact the support team at 857-304-2020 or by email at And visit the new WebAdMIT Help Center for resources and training information.

There is detailed information regarding the Re-Applicant feature posted on, so please review it and feel free to share details with your applicants.

As a reminder, processing of transcripts and references for the 2016 – 2017 cycle will extend through October 1, even though the application is closed and applicants can no longer login to submit. If applicants should need to send transcripts for the 16-17 cycle, then please refer them to these instructions to ensure that they are processed and verified by 10/1 if necessary.

The NursingCAS team is committed to making the 2017 – 2018 NursingCAS Cycle a success so please let us know if you need help or have feedback, and thank you for your tremendous support! Read more details about enhancements, the updated applicant fee structure, and FAQs regarding the 17-18 cycle. Check out the dashboard to learn more about all the resources available to you including the integration with GRE scores, Background Check, E-Transcripts, Professional Transcript Entry Service for Applicants, the Batch PDF Downloader, the API, Reports (including the ability to filter by degree type) and more.

It is an honor to work with you and we are grateful that you are a part of the NursingCAS community.