Academic Update

The next Academic Update period will run from December 15, 2016 through February 15, 2017.

Applicants can begin the Academic Update only after their NursingCAS application has been verified. They can update their grades and send in new transcripts.

All applications verified for at least one program on or before the AU period started will become eligible for the Academic Update. The Academic Update window allows applicants to change any ”Planned/In-Progress” coursework sessions to ”Completed”, so that updated NursingCAS GPAs can be calculated. They can also enter any newly ”Planned/In-Progress” coursework. They will not be able to make modifications to courses that were originally reported to NursingCAS as completed. NursingCAS permits applicants to report grades only one time during the Academic Update period. Applicants can follow the instructions for Academic Update to make modifications to the Academic History section of their application. After they submit the changes in their application and send updated transcripts to NursingCAS, their new grades will be verified and a new GPA will be calculated.


Designations by Academic Update Status – This channel shows every applicant based upon their
application processing after an academic update period


NursingCAS Academic Update Statuses

The Academic Update Status shows the progression of an applicant’s application through NursingCAS after an academic update period where all grades have been re-verified by NursingCAS and GPAs recalculated.

Academic Update statuses for NursingCAS include:
  • AU In Progress – Any applicant that has reached a terminal status and has returned their application and saved at least one new session or updated at least one course during the Academic Update period.
  • AU Received – Any applicant that has submitted new or updated coursework during the Academic Update period.
  • AU Complete – Applicants that have submitted coursework during the Academic Update period and had their updated transcript arrive at NursingCAS for verification.
  • AU Verified – Applicants that have had their updated or new coursework verified by the NursingCAS staff.