Additional Resources

In addition to the NursingCAS application and WebAdMIT admissions software, there are many resources available through NursingCAS to assist with your admissions process and improve the applicant experience.

Free to Participating Schools

  • Program Directory – this publicly accessible directory is a unique, comprehensive resource that displays information regarding each participating nursing program’s unique admission requirements.
  • Social Media – follow NursingCAS on Twitter for updates.
  • GRE Scores – establish a designated institution code to use for your program on NursingCAS to collect official GRE scores via NursingCAS so they are available to view and download via the system. Complete the CAS GRE Form.
  • TOEFL Scores – international applicants should use the code #B506 to have official scores sent to NursingCAS.
  • WES Integration – international applicants can request their transcripts be assessed and sent from World Education Services (WES), a foreign transcript evaluator service, to NursingCAS for processing.
  • E-Transcripts – NursingCAS now processes electronic transcripts from 2 major providers, Parchment and Credential Solutions. Let applicants know about this option. Keep in mind that transcripts provided via NursingCAS are considered official by AACRAO.
  • API Tool – schedule automatic data transfers from NursingCAS to your internal system(s) such as Banner, PeopleSoft, or Recruiter with the API which enables efficient data integration and workflow.
  • Batch PDF Downloader –batch download applications and supporting materials such as transcripts to store, print, and/or import into existing scanning solutions or internal systems.
  • Training – take advantage of free monthly training Webinars and self-paced, online, on-demand training courses to learn more about how to leverage the tools in NursingCAS and WebAdMIT.
  • Holistic Review – for programs interested in conducting a holistic admissions review via NursingCAS check with AACN’s NursingCAS Director, Caroline Kane, about how to configure your admissions criteria on the application and use tools within WebAdMIT, the admissions software, such as the online review assignments, interviews, workgroups, scoring, and other features to help facilitate a holistic review process.
  • Reporting – easily build, run and download custom and comparative reports for insight into your applicant pool and how it compares to the entire applicant pool in NursingCAS.

Fee Based

  • Echo-Targeting – recruit prospective students by partnering with Echo-Interactive for an affordable banner advertising tool that allow schools to market their nursing program online in a targeted, affordable, and turn-key fashion. See more information and pricing.
  • Background Check Integration – users can integrate their student background screening process with CastleBranch in WebAdMIT, the admissions software for NursingCAS. See more information and pricing.
  • Professional Transcript Entry – applicants who apply to a program requiring full transcript entry can opt to have their coursework data professionally entered on their behalf by a NursingCAS operations team member for an additional fee. Note, the transcript entry requirement is a customizable option the school can configure for each program.