Configuration Tool – Program Preview & Review

Preview your Programs

You can view each program page as it will appear to applicants on the live application. You should review each page to confirm that the formatting and requirements are correct. You are able to make any edits needed before you submit your program for approval.

In order to preview your program pages, go to the Program Homepage, by clicking the home icon.

config update program home

Next, scroll down to the Program Settings section of the page. Here you will see each page: Home Page/Branding, Questions, Documents and Prerequisites and whether or not have you turned on (enabled) the page. If you have turned on the page, you will see the preview icon available.

If you have not enabled a page, that section will not appear to applicants on the application.

To preview a page, click the previewconfig update preview symbol symbol. A new screen will open that will display the page as it will appear to applicants in the applicant portal.

config update applicant portal

config update watertown uni

config update documents tab.png

After you view your program pages, you will have the option to edit the pages or submit your program for review and approval.

To edit the program pages simply click the “edit” button on the bottom of the Program Settings Page.

config update edit button

Program Review & Approval

Once you have completed your program setup and are satisfied with the configurations, you will submit your program to the NursingCAS staff for review and approval. Please note your program will not be live on the application until your program is approved. If there are errors found, you will be notified and your program will be sent back to you for edits.

To submit your program for review, go the Program Homepage, by clicking the home icon.

config update program home2

Next, scroll down to the Program Settings section and click the “Submit for Review” button.

config update edit button

  • Once your program is approved, you will only be able to edit the deadline date, Program Home Page and branding. You will not be able to edit any other sections of the program.
  • Once your program is approved, you will receive an email from the NursingCAS staff informing you of the approval.

Approval Process

  • Approval is required when a user is:
    • Adding a new program
    • Copying an existing program
  • Approval is NOT Required for:
    • Deadline Extensions – you do not need approval and can be made instantly and on-demand
    • Edits to Program Homepage Text
    • Updates to Program Homepage Branding
      • Please note that if you need to change a program’s name on the application or within WebAdMIT please contact
  • Approval Statuses – there are different statuses your program could be in:
    • Draft – this is a new program that you are able to fully edit. This program has not been sent to the NursingCAS staff for approval and is not available to applicants to select (even if the open date has passed).
    • Ready for Review – means that you have submitted the program for review and approval by the NursingCAS staff. It is currently locked and you are not able to make changes
    • Active – means that the program has been submitted to the NursingCAS staff and has been approved. This is an active program meaning it is either live on the application, or will open on the program start date. If the program has not yet opened, applicants will be able to view as a future program on the Programs List page of the application. Only the program deadline date, homepage text and branding can be edited in this status
    • Closed – means that the program was live on the application, but since the deadline date has passed, it is no longer available to applicants. It can also not be edited by admissions users

Turnaround Time for Approval

  • Your program will be approved within 5 – 7 business days
  • So please keep this in mind when opening up new or copied programs and if you have an urgent time sensitive request please contact
  • Reminder: deadline extensions do NOT require approval

Other Updates:

  • High School Transcripts Moved to the “Documents” tab
  • Unofficial Transcripts Moved to the “Documents” tab

Access to the Configuration Tool:

  • Any WebAdMIT User who has the “Configure Software” rights can access the tool; this includes anyone who is in a “WebAdMIT Administrators” group
  • However, we strongly recommend that ONLY Primary Users (otherwise known as the “Institution Manager” role in WebAdMIT) for your program have access to the Configuration Tool
  • So Institution Managers may want to check your Workgroup settings to identify any users with “Configure Software” rights and update user access as necessary


Configuration Help

Contact (617-612-2064) for help with setting up your program configurations or if you have question.