Prospective Student Recruitment

What is echo-targeting?

Without knowing it, you have very likely already experienced it. Online retailers commonly employ the tool to reach their customers with offers and promotions as those customers are surfing the internet. If you’ve ever abandoned your online shopping cart and subsequently saw those same items being promoted by that same retailer on various Websites you happened to visit…it wasn’t a coincidence.


Why is it important?

Echo-targeting will allow participating nursing programs to market themselves to prospective students in an extremely targeted, affordable, and completely turn-key fashion.

With echo-targeting AACN members can…

  • Reach only the prospective nursing students who have visited the NursingCAS or AACN Websites
  • Affordably reach prospects in the medium they prefer…online
  • Reach these prospective nursing students on their favorite Websites they frequently visit


Universities are already using it to reach their own prospects.

What are the benefits?

Targeted: only reach prospects who have already visited the AACN or NursingCAS Websites. Past data shows that about 70,000 future nursing students will visit these sites.

Affordable: Raise Awareness: members can promote themselves to prospects in a very targeted fashion and do so very affordably:

$250 per month buys about 40,000 banner ads to prospects

$500 per month buys about 90,000 banner ads to prospects

$1,000 per month buys about 200,000 banners to prospects

Relevant: as the banner ads are only seen by future nursing students on their favorite sites, the university ads are relevant and of interest.

How does it work?

If your school participates in NursingCAS you can take advantage of this opportunity.


It is a turn-key solution. All you need to do is provide the following details:

  • The Website URL of the desired landing page you wish to direct prospective nursing students and applicant traffic towards
  • The monthly budget
  • 1 banner ad creative in five different ad sizes
    • 300×250
    • 728×90
    • 468×60
    • 160×600
    • 320×50
  • 150k max file size for any single ad size
  • Ad files can be accepted in jpg, gif, png, or swf file formats

Who do I contact?

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has partnered with Echo-Interactive to make this program available to its members who participate in NursingCAS. Echo-Interactive is handling all of the day to day customer support, program administration, and billing activities.

Please reach out to Owen Landon at Echo-Interactive directly to learn more about this exciting program at or 617–877-6327. Visit for more details.

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