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WebAdMIT is the web-based admissions software you use to access and manage applications submitted to your school’s nursing programs via NursingCAS.

WebAdMIT is designed to bring all applicant data to the fingertips of staff involved in the admissions process. It offers admissions staff tools that streamline the admissions process by building an applicant database that provides a comprehensive overview of your applicant pool while tracking each candidate’s progress through the admissions cycle. WebAdMIT helps admissions professionals take full advantage of applicant data to make the best decisions about their applicant pool.


  • Online WebAdMIT Basic Training Course for School Users – There is now a WebAdMIT Basic Training self-paced online, on-demand course that you can access online or via the Usage Help section of the toolbar when logged into WebAdMIT at any time. This course provides an overview of the fundamental functionality to get you up and running in WebAdMIT.
  • Online WebAdMIT  Advanced Training Course for School Users – There is now a WebAdMIT Advanced Training self-paced online, on-demand course that you can access online or via the Usage Help section of the toolbar when logged into WebAdMIT at any time. This course provides an overview of the fundamental functionality to get you up and running in WebAdMIT.
  • NEW! Online WebAdMIT Configuration Portal Training – There is now a WebAdMIT Configuration Portal self-paced online, on-demand course that you can access online or via the Usage Help section of the toolbar when logged into WebAdMIT at any time. This short, one lesson course is designed to guide you in setting up each area of the Configuration Portal, and show you how your settings will appear for applicants who view your program.
  • Live WebAdMIT Trainings – Fill out the form, then click on “Live Training” on the left hand menu. You can then register for upcoming live training webinars.


Getting Started

The three most important tasks to get started with using WebAdMIT are program configurations, adding users, and creating local statuses.

Map your internal admissions process

Before you start using WebAdMIT you should think about your internal admissions process. Chart out your internal process from the point when a prospective student inquires about your program through when an offer is made to an applicant. Think of your internal stages or workflow that an applicant goes through during your admissions cycle. If you use a paper process currently you may label folders or filing cabinets according to applicant statuses, with WebAdMIT you can bring that process to a web-based environment using the “Local Status” tool.

  • Creating Local Statuses
    • Local Statuses are customizable and are unique to the stages in your admissions process, you can put applicants in local statuses to help you gauge where they stand in your admissions process. For example; “Invite for Interview”, and you can perform tasks related to the local status – such as emailing all applicants in the “Invite for Interview” status with a specific template you create which can be tailored and include merge fields so it’s personalized for each applicant.
      • Note: Since NursingCAS is a centralized application service and many schools and programs are participating – there are general NursingCAS-wide Decision Codes and Application Statuses that indicate where an applicant stands overall in the NursingCAS-wide system.
    • Decision Codes are standardized NursingCAS codes that are more generalized categories used for overall NursingCAS-wide reporting that must be matched to your Local Statuses. So for example, you may have a few local statuses tied to why an applicant withdrew, but for NursingCAS reporting purposes a general Decision Code status of “Withdrew Before Action” is sufficient. The Decision Codes are used to gain a better understanding of admissions trends in the nursing profession.
    • Application Statuses are NursingCAS-wide codes that describe how far along applicants are in the overall process, i.e. have their transcripts arrived, have they only initiated their NursingCAS application, etc. Refer to the Configuration Guide for a full explanation of application statuses.

Creating a workflow for your applicants to move through that closely matches your current or desired admissions process.

Access Training Recording, “Basic Set-up Part 1” that discusses more about Set-up and/or Transferring Settings, Adding Users and Workgroups, Creating Local Statuses, and the Applicant Header.

Decide which staff will need access to WebAdMIT

Create a list of staff that will need to be added as users in WebAdMIT. Think about each staff member’s current role in the admissions process and that will help you determine how to define their user role in WebAdMIT and which program(s) they will need to access. For example, staff member Bill only enters in data, staff member Tom reviews applicants, and staff member Suzie communicates with applicants. Below is a list of items you will need to input about each user in WebAdMIT. Any staff from your school that needs access can be granted access to WebAdMIT. There is no limit to the number of users at your school.

*Remember to designate a staff member as a primary user.

a) Adding Users

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Email (this will be their username)
  • Phone number
  • Program(s)
  • Roles
b) Defining User Roles

  • View all applicants
  • Modify applicants
  • Add notes
  • Update statuses
  • Assign applicants
  • Manage reports
  • Configure software
  • Manage documents
  • Email applicants
  • View ethnicities
  • Request background check
  • View background check
  • *See detailed information about each user role.
c) Creating User “Work Groups”

  • Work groups are a collection of users who share common roles and access within WebAdMIT
  • Work groups allow you to create and manage role assignments and access for groups of users at a time, rather than doing this individually for each user


Primary User

Each participating school should have specific staff member(s) designated as the primary user. Since schools often have several nursing programs and different staff members responsible for specific programs, you may want to have more than one primary user. Primary users are typically responsible for:

  1. Adding program(s) and setting up configurations (required)
  2. Creating users (required)
    1. Defining roles for each user
    2. Defining which program(s) each user is able to access
    3. Defining user work groups
    4. Resetting users passwords – the Support Team can help too
  3. Defining local statuses that align with your internal admissions process
  4. Setting up the other WebAdMIT tools to utilize for your admissions process

Training and support on WebAdMIT will be provided for all users via webinars, phone, and email. You will receive more information regarding training, support, and access in the next few weeks.

Workgroups and Adding Users

Creating log-ins for staff and desired level of access depending on their role. You can create a group of users who share common roles and access.

Access Training Recording, “Focus on New Features Part 1” that discusses more about how to Create and Use Workgroups.

Utilizing WebAdMIT Tools
to Manage Your Admissions Process

WebAdMIT offers rich functionality to users. In order to help you to decide which tools you may want to use, consider the following items and how you will manage your admissions process.

      • You will easily be able to “Search” for individual applicants or applicants that meet specific criteria. To search for individual applicants you can use several common filters to quickly query for applicants by NursingCAS ID number for example, last name, status, etc. Additionally, you can add specific fields to an “Applicant Header” that can serve as a quick reference for important data about that applicant such as State of Residence. And you can use the “List Manager” tool for more advanced searching to find groups of applicants that meet specific criteria – for example, Overall GPA of 3.0 and male, or meet certain parameters you pick. Based on lists you can generate specific actions such as assigning local statuses to all applicants in that list, emailing all applicants in a list, or exporting a report of that list to open in an Excel file.

      • You can use the “Email Template” tool to generate any communications you routinely send out. You may have a communication schedule in place already and you can replicate that within WebAdMIT. You can brand your emails, include hyperlinks, and use merge fields. You can send out emails individually or in bulk to specific groups of applicants. Many schools send out admissions decisions via the email template tool. You can also view a “Search Correspondence” report that allows users to see what emails have been sent or are waiting to be sent out to applicants from WebAdMIT and their status such as opened, delivered, etc.


      • You can create checklists of items that an applicant would submit outside of NursingCAS to track throughout the application process. For example, you may require that applicants apply for general admission to the university in addition to applying to the nursing program via NursingCAS; you could track whether or not the applicant has completed the university-specific application with the “Requirements” tool. In order to track items or data points collected outside of NursingCAS you can create “Custom Fields” and input any information you may need.

    • On an applicant’s details page you will be able to view panels of important information about the applicant. You can also download a full application PDF that will render all of the data and supporting materials the applicant has submitted. And you can download supporting documents separately such as transcripts or references as PDFs. Additionally you can use the “Assignments” tool to execute an online admission review of candidates. You can assign applicants to specific users (for example a faculty member or admissions counselor) or groups of users (for example your admissions committee) to review and you can create custom review criteria that are specific to your program that a user must respond to such as specific questions, specific remarks (for example – “highly recommend”), specific scores, comments or categories. Assignments can be incorporated into the “Scoring” tool.

      • If your program interviews candidates you can use the “Interviews” tool to assign interviews to specific users and identify dates, times, and locations. You can set up criteria similar to “Assignments” that are customized to your program that an interviewer would assess the candidate on such as specific questions, remarks, scores, comments or categories. Interviews can be incorporated into the “Scoring” tool as well. You can use the “Email Template” tool to invite applicants to interviews.

      • Depending on your transcripts and coursework configurations you may be able to calculate additional “Local GPAs” or “Prerequisite GPAs”. Please see the separate guide about program configurations to learn more about GPA calculations available. You may be able to access a number of GPAs already calculated for you by NursingCAS or you may be able to calculate additional GPAs based on the coursework data inputted by the applicant and verified against official or unofficial transcripts (depending on your choice) to create additional school-specific GPA calculations. GPAs can vary by program type.

    Creating program-specific GPAs and tracking GPAs for prerequisite courses.

      • If you use a specific rubric or points matrix to rank applicants you can use the WebAdMIT “Scoring” tool to automatically do the scoring for you. You can create different scoring models for different programs. The support team can assist you with setting up your scoring model if you provide details on what criteria is used. You can score on most of the data collected by NursingCAS and customized data you might input about the applicant.

      • You can create custom reports, called exports, and download pre-formatted “Reports”. You will use the “Export” tool to create a file to download with specific data elements you want and you can specify which applicants should be included (such as a specific applicant list or all applicants), and in which format (.csv, .xls, .txt) in order to generate your report. The export tool can also be used to download data to import into your Student Information System or ERP system(s). You can save the export format as a template and run it as often as you need to in order to ensure that any necessary data is being downloaded for you to import into your internal system(s). The data dictionary will be useful tool for you if your school plans to import NursingCAS data into your student information system. One of the benefits of participating in NursingCAS, is several of the pre-formatted reports include comparative data that show how your nursing program compares to other participating nursing programs nationwide. For example you can see how your applicant pool’s gender profile compares to the entire NursingCAS applicant pool’s gender profile.
    • View and download a list of reports available for the 2016-2017 cycle.

Quick Tips

How to Extend a Program Deadline on NursingCAS

Log into WebAdMIT at https://nursingcas.webadmit.org/.

Under the Management Menu on the left hand side click on “CAS Configuration Portal.”

That will open up a new browser window and will take you into the Configuration Portal where you can change the deadlines for any of your programs.

Click on “NURSINGCAS.”

Then select “NURSINGCAS 2017-2018 CYCLE.”

Then click on your school name.

Your list of programs will appear.

list of programs

Hover over the program you want to edit and click on “Details.”

That will bring you to the program’s information, scroll down to the bottom and click on “edit.”

That will bring you to the page where you can edit the Deadline date, click on the deadline date field and a calendar picker will pop-up that will allow you to pick your new deadline date. Once you have selected the new deadline date. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Once you hit save, that will bring you back to the details page for that program and from there if you would like to edit other program deadlines then either click on the “View Programs” option at the top of the page or your school name at the left of the page and repeat the steps above.

Viewing Applicants to Programs in WebAdMIT

If you have an open program on the NursingCAS application but you do not see applicants for that program in WebAdMIT, follow the instructions below to turn on their view in WebAdMIT.

Log into WebAdMIT at https://nursingcas.webadmit.org/.

When logged in click on “Account” (which is located in the upper right-hand corner)

Then click on “Edit My Account.”

edit my account

Scroll down to “Program Assignments.”

webadmit program assignments

Check the box next to the programs you wish to view and hit “Submit.”

webadmit program assignments2

You can also check off any old programs you no longer wish to view. Note: checking them off from view will NOT delete any applicant data, it just hides it. If you do not see any programs to check off then please contact Ann (  or 617-612-2064) immediately so she can assist you with your program configuration.

Managing “In Progress” Applicant Access in WebAdMIT

The ability to view full in-progress applicant details was a new enhancement implemented during the 2017-2018 cycle. We heard from many users that they wanted more access to in-progress applicant data prior to submission. You now have full view of any information inputted by in-progress applicants before they submit. Previously, you could only view their contact information and designation.

Now that you have access to any data entered by applicants in the “In Progress” status you may have noticed that the in-progress applicants are appearing in your results when you use the Search, Lists, Exports and/or Reports functions in WebAdMIT. If you prefer to filter out the in-progress applicants then we recommend you use the List Manager tool to do so by following the instructions below.

  1. Click on “List Manager” under the “Applicant Lists” menu on the right-hand side of WebAdMIT
  2. Create a new list by clicking on “New Field List”
    • Or edit an existing list by clicking on the pencil icon next to the list name.
  1. There are 2 different fields you can use to filter out the “In Progress” applicants
    • Option 1: Designation > Application Status
    • Option 2: Designation > Designation Submitted Date
  1. To navigate to these filter options use the “Click to Select Field” button and scroll down to “Designation” and underneath you will be able to select either “Application Status” or “Designation Submitted Date”. Either option works to filter out the in-progress applicants so you can select whichever is your preference.
  2. Use the desired filter and remember to hit submit.
    • Use the “Application Status” does not equal “In Progress” filter
    • Or use the “Designation Submitted Date” is null filter

When using the “Reports” or “Exports” function, if you wish to exclude the in-progress applicants, then first you must follow the steps above to create (or edit) your List(s) to filter out those applicants. And when running an export or report use that list filter (see below) to ensure that you are only pulling submitted applicants (if needed). This also works for the PDF Manager tool – use the “Create from List” filter to select you List that excludes in-progress applicants if needed.

There are further List Manager instructions available in the new WebAdMIT Help Center. If you need help or have questions please contact the WebAdMIT Support Team at 857-304-2020 or . And please be mindful to abide by the in-progress applicant Usage Policy this cycle.

Data Integration

    • Data Integration FAQs
    • Data Dictionary – This is a helpful resource for your IT staff, it can assist them with data mapping for importing the data into your institution’s student information or ERP system
    • Sample Data Export File – Click on the link to download a sample export file including every field available to export from NursingCAS (except the school specific created questions and the school code list – see link below). All “one to many” fields are exported as exactly two columns.
    • Master College Code List with CEEB codes
    • Video about the Export Tool
    • Data Integration Forum
    • API Documentation – The Export API allows technical users to run export files from a back-end API: set up the export file (or files) one time in the WebAdMIT user interface and all subsequent export files can be run without having to log into WebAdMIT and download a file. The Export API can be called up to 1,000 times an hour allowing for near real-time data integration to back end systems.
    • PDF Manager FAQs – Batch download applications and supporting materials such as transcripts to store, print, and/or import into existing scanning solutions or internal systems.
    • Data Integration Webinar Slides

You can also view this Data Integration Webinar on Vimeo

Data Security Information

General Resources


or 1-857-304-2020

*Please note that there is other functionality available in the WebAdMIT software and the items listed above are the most commonly used features you should think about incorporating into your admissions management process.